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Wood Avens Root

Wood Avens Root

Posted on March 15 2023, By: Emma Wooding

Wood Avens Root

Wood Avens is a relatively common hedgerow and woodland herb found throughout Britain, though it often goes unnoticed due to its rather delicate form and its preference to grow in dry, shady areas. On speaking to people at shows and events etc.. many have not even heard of it. So it is a pleasure for us to be able to educate and champion the wonderful yet lesser known plants that this country has to offer.

On close inspection, these plants possess considerable beauty. It’s flowers consisting of five, gold petals resembling little stars, discreetly shining, bringing glimmers of light to the woodland floor.

Once these stars reside, they are followed by spurred seed heads. Their hooked design is an adaptation for seed dispersal. As mammals such as dogs and rabbits brush against them, the seeds become attached to their fur and are transported to a new location away from the parent plant.

Found along the hedgerows and on the periphery of the farmland, the root of this plant is a wonderful addition to Heartwood of Oak Moor Meadow gin and brings a clove-like flavour.


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