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Posted on March 20 2023, By: Emma Wooding


Sit back, put your feet up and have yourself a lovely relaxing cup of chamomile tea 😋

Or even better, pour yourself a Heartwood gin. For it has Chamomile in it too! 😃

Chamomile has a tropical, fruity floral flavour profile that is said to be redolent of apple and hay, which is just one reason that we selected it as a botanical for our gin.

Chamomile flowers are rich in nectar and pollen, which attracts a vast array of pollinating insects such as moths, butterflies and bees.

Not only is it a very beneficial plant for wildlife, it has many different health benefits for us also.

Chamomile is a fabulous plant in a companion planting set up and it will have pride of place in the nursery section of our botanical growing scheme.

As with all plants, when foraging, it is important to correctly identify species as there are very similar lookalikes out there that could have a negative effect on your health, so take care!


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