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Meadowsweet Flowers

Meadowsweet Flowers

Posted on March 20 2023, By: Emma Wooding

Meadowsweet Flowers

Although other names for Meadowsweet include ’Queen of the meadow’ and ‘Pride of the meadow’ it’s origin relates to its historical use as a sweetening flavour for mead (Meadsweet). Mead is one of the worlds oldest alcoholic drinks.

For us here at Meadow Oak Distillery, Meadowsweet had many positives when it came to selecting it as a candidate for our gin, not only for its historical use in beverages, but for its flavour and the fact that it is resident of Oak Moor Meadow. Growing alongside Angelica, it thrives in the damper areas of the meadowland and is a welcome botanical both in the landscape and in our Heartwood of Oak Moor Meadow gin.

Depending on your senses, Meadowsweet flowers have variety when it comes to flavour profile. Common descriptions are redolent of sweet, hay-like, almond and vanilla aromas.

We use the Meadowsweet flowers in our gin.

The leaves of the plants have a delicate watermelon flavour that is often masked by a strong antiseptic flavour reminiscent of Germolene.

We decided to leave the leaves out of our gin! 😂

Meadowsweet has a plethora of medicinal uses including a traditional remedy for hangovers! All in all, Meadowsweet is a perfect addition to our gin! 😃


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