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Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root

Posted on March 07 2023, By: Emma Wooding

Dandelion Root

A plant imprinted in many peoples childhood memories, the dandelion is more than “just a weed” it has many benefits for both humans and wildlife alike.

Its highly recognisable seed head is loved by children for games of summer clock blowing and by birds as a food source. Its yellow flowers are very attractive in a salad or to a passing bee.

It has been used in medicine for years as an antioxidant and a diuretic to name a few. The latter giving rise to stories of bed wetting!

The whole plant can be used in some way or another.

We at Meadow Oak Distillery love this ‘wonder weed’ and we use its roots in our Heartwood of Oak Moor Meadow gin.

Of the 13 different botanicals in our gin, dandelion root adds earthy notes and contributes to the blend, balancing and harmonising the fruity and floral elements.

As many gardeners will know, dandelion is pretty easy to grow and it’s by-the-wind seeding habits, more often than not, places itself on the gardeners vendetta list!


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