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Rowan Berry (Mountain Ash)

Rowan Berry (Mountain Ash)

Posted on March 19 2023, By: Emma Wooding

Rowan Berry (Mountain Ash)

Another fruity element that gives ‘Heartwood of Oak Moor Meadow’ it’s distinctive taste, Rowan berry is a botanical that we were keen to have included in our recipe both for its flavour profile and also for its benefit to wildlife.

Rowan (aka Mountain Ash) when flowering, is important to pollinating insects such as bees and flies resulting in high yields of orange/red fruits that are a eaten by a wide range of species, and in particular, these beneficial berries are a lifeline for winter migrant birds.

The Rowan tree’s benefits to nature don’t just work one way. It’s beneficiaries, in particular birds, aid in the future security of Rowans as when the fruits are consumed and pass through a birds digestive tract, the seeds remain in tact and come out the other end pre-packed in its very own compost pellet! Ready to go, ready to grow!💩🌱


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